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Dougherty Law Firm, APC in Westlake Village, California, is renowned for our excellent legal counsel in both transactional and litigation matters.  Our practice areas include the following:


Contract Disputes

Need assistance with a contractual matter?  At the Dougherty Law Firm, APC, we represent clients with contract drafting and review and disputes arising out of contractual relationships.  We have all heard the phrase, "the devil is in the detail" and the "detail" is where many people get burned.  Never sign an agreement that you have ...

Corporate Law

Thinking of starting your own business? Have you given any thought as to the form of your new business -- sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company?  There are both legal and tax considerations that are critical in making this decision.   Let us help you decide what entity is best and help you with your contractual documents ranging from employee and vendor agreements to purchase and sale agreements. 

Construction Defects

Having a problem with your contractor or developer or are you a contractor that has not been paid or brought into a construction defect case?  Let us help you eliminate the stress of dealing with this matter on your own.  We have successfully represented both homeowners and contractors in these matters through mediation, civil court and arbiration.  

Criminal Law

The Dougherty Law Firm, APC represents clients who have been charged with traffic infractions,  misdemeanors and some felony matters.  We take tremendous pride in the results we have obtained for many of our clients and particularly those who have turned their lives around after going through the legal process and recognized that once was enough!  
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Family Law

The Dougherty Law Firm, APC handles all aspects of family law matters including divorce, legal separation, child custody and visitation, paternity, child and spousal support and domestic violence. Certian cases qualify for mediation and can help you save substantial attorney fees.  Ask us if your case qualifies.


The Dougherty Law Firm, APC represents both tenants and landlords in residential and commercial lease matters .  Our services in this area include: lease drafting and review; notices to pay rent or quit and eviction; representation in unlawful detainer actions; and breach of lease matters. Let us know if you need a lease drafted or reviewed ...


One of the most important lessons we have learned through 30 years of practicing law is that settling cases quickly and amicably is most often the best service we can offer a client.  A good settlement is sometimes defined as one where neither party is happy because "principles" were compromised.  However,  with rare exception, this result is much more preferable than the staggering costs of litigation and the uncertainty of an outcome controlled by someone other than you.

Personal Injury

Injured in an accident?  For 30 years, our firm has helped hundreds of people recover fair compensation for their injuries and damages sustained as a result of automobile, train, motorcycle, boating, dog bite, and trip and fall  accidents.  This includes compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, loss of earning capacity, medical bills and property damage.

Real Property

Buying and selling a home in California can be very tricky.  Disclosure laws impose certain obligations on sellers and a duty of due diligence on the buyer.  For the past 30 years, the Dougherty Law Firm, APC has successfully defended and prosecuted real estate cases involving allegations of inadequate disclosure of material defects within a home.  

Wills and Trusts

Is your estate plan in order?  Many people defer thinking about two things which are certain in life -- death and taxes.  Yet, without an effective estate plan, your assets are needlessly given to lawyers, probate courts and the government. At the Dougherty Law Firm, we can help you avoid these unnecessary expenses by drafting an estate plan that will keep your beneficiaries out of probate court.    

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